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The innovative chain to unify small hotels

Tired of labor shortage, rising overhead costs and overpowering OTA dependence?
We have the solution!

A complete franchise model to fit small hotels

Fast processed by one of the leading EU hotel-refurbishment companies – Ligna group.

 Provide tech-enabled solutions. Minimize human interaction & labor costs.

Turn lobby, reception and restaurants into co-working and leisure areas.

Lower OTA dependence and commission costs by attracting more direct bookings.

Increase your online ratings and rates with our professional expertise.


Lease to us & optimize ROI in a worry-free way

Attractive rent and long-term lease.

Our solutions increase hotel profitability 15 to 25%.

Higher hotel occupancy and profitability increases property value.

Become a part of the tech-enabled hospitality trend and abandon out-of-date models.

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