Explore Sofia: 3+1 Walking Routes from Maria Luisa by Introvert Hotels

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Sofia is a city with a very rich history and culture. The capital of Bulgaria embodies thousands of years of heritage. The reasons to visit Sofia do not end there. Entertainment and sightseeing blend together to provide an unforgettable experience.

If you decide to trust Maria Luisa by Introvert Hotels for your stay, here are some ideas for spending quality time in Sofia. There is no need to ask yourself “What to do in Sofia?” or, “Where to go and what are the best things to do near me?” We got you covered! Check out these four walking routes starting from the hotel if you are in a mood to explore Sofia.

A walk along Vitosha Boulevard and National Palace of Culture, Sofia

This is undoubtedly the best walking route, and a must-see for any visitor to Sofia! Therefore, we recommend Vitosha Boulevard, which is bustling with lovely coffees and fancy restaurants, souvenir and book shops. It will take you only about 5 minutes to walk from the hotel to Saint Nedelya square, where this route begins.

The Saint Nedelya Church and the Courthouse are located on the square. The sculptures of two massive lions in front of the Courthouse will undoubtedly capture your attention. You may take a stop at Vitosha Blvd. to enjoy a brunch or coffee while diving into Sofia’s multicultural atmosphere.

Going along Vitosha Boulevard (pedestrian zone) and crossing Patriarh Evtimii Blvd. you’ll find yourself in the lovely park in front of the National Palace of Culture, or NDK as people in Sofia call it. The National Palace of Culture is one of the symbols of the city and a favorite place for meetings and walks. The fountains and flower gardens make it an ideal location for photos as well.

National Theatre Ivan Vazov → Eagles’ Bridge (Orlov Most) → Borisova garden

You know the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. So, when in Sofia, do as the Sofia citizens do. Take a walk to the Ivan Vazov National Theater. It is a popular walking spot among Sofia residents. You can spend pleasant moments in the shade of centuries-old trees or in local cafes. 

Following this route, you can stop and enjoy the chess play of the older enthusiasts beneath the majestic chestnut trees. Virtuoso street musicians complete the atmosphere. There is also an ice cream craft shop nearby. After all, who can say “no” to an artisan ice cream?

If you have a keen interest in art, you can drop by the National Art Gallery, located just around the corner of the theater. 

After the National Theater and the gallery, you can continue your walk towards the Borisova Garden. We recommend that you cross Eagle Bridge. Its name is derived from the bridge’s bronze eagle statues, which serve as symbolic patrons. The Borisova Garden is the largest park in Sofia.

And any time you feel tired, you can easily walk back to the hotel or take public transport.

Regional History Museum → Triangle of Power → Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

For those of you who are curious to learn more about the history of Sofia and the region, we recommend a visit to the Regional History Museum. It is located 200 meters from the hotel, and the most intriguing fact is that the museum is home to more than 120,000 historical artefacts.

After exploring the museum (or if you decide to skip it), you can head to the so-called Triangle of power. We recently informed you that the buildings of the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Presidency are located in one place and form the shape of a triangle.

From there you can head to the temple-monument “Saint Alexander Nevsky”. This is the largest active Orthodox church in Bulgaria and the symbol of Sofia. You are welcome to enter and admire the interior. You can also light a candle for health.

BONUS: Graf Ignatiev Street → Holy Heptads Church → Saint Sophia Church

And finally, one more bonus route from us.

Graf Ignatiev is another emblematic street in the Bulgarian capital. Just like on Vitoshka, there are numerous coffees and gift shops there. The Orthodox church “Holy Heptads” is located nearby. From there, you can head to Saint Sophia – a late antique basilica, which gave Sofia its name. Nearby is the temple-monument “Alexander Nevsky” as well.

We hope you have found some inspiration. Now you know where to go if you want to explore Sofia. Check out our blog for more useful information and tips.

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